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I was a victim of bullying at a very young age. It wasn’t till high school did I learn how to cope with my situation. The interesting thing about bullying is not how you fight back but rather how you improve your situation. Doesn’t make much sense; I know but fighting back only made things worse for me and being passive also did not help. So by understanding why people did why they did and me positively acting on it helped a lot.

My research drove me to take a more proactive approach into understanding mental health. To my amazement, mental health isn’t exclusive to adults but actually develops from young.  The bullies at the time had poor mental health, they weren’t crazy, they just lack resilience. In such a volatile world if children aren’t mentally prepared for things to come, they act out. Lilo and Friends aims to expose children to future life challenges today through our Social and Emotional Learning activities. Our goal is to build resilient young adults, that think like adults but still know how to have fun "responsibly".

"My son learned how to manage bullying better, he actually figured that confrontation is not always a solution and has since ignored the bully. I’m glad to say that today he is no longer affected by this bully."

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