Raising Resilient Children Today For Tomorrow's Happy Adult 
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Lilo and Friends specialises in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for preschool children in Malaysia. We provide SEL tools and resources to cultivate children's social emotional skills. Our school curricula and home-based learning activities support educators and parents in raising emotionally intelligent children. 


We hope to build resilience in every child who will then grow into happy teenager and well-adjusted adult. Our online and offline approaches foster children's social emotional development while keeping the learning FUN and the key teachings seamless. Through Lilo and Friends, children are equipped with important social emotional skills that keep them positive and resilient as they grow.



Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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“A victim of bullying myself I never understood why me? It wasn’t till much later in my high school years did I only learn how to make friends. What changed? Did I change? Who knows."

Fernando Nazrid similar to many other children during his youth and had a tough time growing up. Making friends was tough and the more he tried the lonelier he became. Eventually, he became a victim of BULLYING. However, he overcame that trauma and has since been focused on introducing new technology and processes in the education sector for the past 8 years.

Today with his experience he has co-founded Lilo and Friends to share his story and help children grow happier.



Founder & Chief Programme Officer

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“Once I was suffered from school refusal and society chose to label me. As a child, I felt lost, lonely and I did not know what to make of these emotions. It took a toll on me and my family."

Fast forward to today, being a psychologist helped me realise the importance of one's social emotional development. It plays a big part in our personal growth, impacts what we believe and the person we become.

Lilo and Friends is inspired by our own childhood experiences and our journeys as young adults. For many years we are expected to develop socially and emotionally without being guided. Now is the time for us to take charge of it. Without it, social and emotional problems will arise.”


Creative Director


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Our characters are all inspired by the people around us. Each represents a specific set of social-emotional skill and will be your child's companion during their journey with Lilo and Friends.


struggling to make friends


learning to communicate


dealing with big emotions


understanding herself


coping with changes


learning to seek help


adapting to new transition


dealing with bullying